Classic Car Engine Building

One of the most unique aspects of Fourways Engineering is our ability to professionally rebuild every aspect of a classic car. We can work on all aspects of a cars body work, design and build the chassis and the suspension. We also have the engineers who put the heart into the classic car, the engine itself.

This is the key to making a car an unforgettable experience. We ensure that our engines are built to extremely high standards offering enhanced performance, with smooth delivery. Whilst we may follow the original concept we are able to modify or enhance the engine to meet your requirements, i.e race, road or rally specifications.

The finished effect will be a car that is perfectly balanced with the engine, chassis and suspension in total harmony.

Engine rebuild and Fourways Engineering
Racing Aston Martin
DB4/5/6 cylinder block

DB4/5/6 cylinder block manufactured for Fourways. Cast in LM35TF alloy with four bolt main bearing housings, producing a more rigid unit.

Aston Martin Engine being modified to produce more power.

Datsun 240Z cross flow engine
Aston Martin straight six engine